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Thursday 13 December 2018

Advance Ticket Price: £25.00 Door Price: £27.00
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Reef+ support Broken Witt Rebels

Reef are an English band from Glastonbury, England. The band members include Gary Stringer on vocals, Jesse Wood on guitar (replacing original guitarist Kenwyn House in 2014), Jack Bessant on bass and Dominic Greensmith on drums.

In 1993, while Bessant and Stringer were looking for band members, House met up with Dominic Greensmith (from Barnstaple, Devon) in London, and discussed forming a band. The foursome finally got together, and started to jam, producing the extremely rare "Purple Tape" demo.

After recording a couple of tracks, the band spent much of 1994 touring and building up a fan base. They signed to S2, an offshoot of Sony. Their first single "Good Feeling" was released on an independent label, but financed by Sony, then as an official Sony S2 release in early 1995. This paved the way for "Naked", which was used in a TV advert for the Sony MiniDisc in which a record company executive hears the track on MiniDisc and throws it out of the window disapprovingly. It is picked up by a young man outside, who listens to it and likes it (demonstrating the format's durability). There has been some disapproval of the band's participation in this campaign, but in interviews they have emphasised that they were a young band and were offered a chance that any young band would not resist

During their touring in '94 and '95 Reef supported Paul Weller, The Rolling Stones and Soundgarden, amongst others.

Both the Good Feeling and Naked singles came from Reefís 1995 release, their now gold debut album Replenish. The album was recorded in the remote Cornish Sawmills recording studio and in a studio in Bath.

"We wanted our first album, Replenish, to be a really honest statement. Four people playing in a room and getting something thatís totally their own. It was recorded in the most basic way possible. Minimal room sounds. Up until recently, all I used for effects was a wah-pedal and I only used that on two songs," said guitarist Kenwyn House.[citation needed]

Hot on the heels of Replenish, in summer 1995, came a non-album, four-track single release entitled "Weird". It was a very non-commercial track and Reef had said the release was aimed at the fans. "Sunrise Shakers", one of the B-sides to "Weird", was later featured in snowboarding film Day Tripper, by independent film maker Christian Stevenson. Stevenson, known for his films about extreme and free sports, was later to direct a promotional video for Reef, for their "Sweety" single in 1999.

The follow-up to Replenish was 1997's Glow, which was more diverse, with the band using different instruments and creating a more interesting style. Glow was recorded under the direction of The Black Crowes' record producer, George Drakoulious and engineered by Jim Scott, in Los Angeles. It spawned the hit singles "Place Your Hands", "Come Back Brighter", "Consideration" and "Yer Old" which increased Reefís profile in the UK and abroad. On the week of its release, Glow went straight to number 1 in the UK Albums Chart.

"Place Your Hands", released on 21 October 1996, was Reefís most successful single to date, reaching number 6 in the UK singles chart. The song explains the grief that Stringer felt following the death of his grandfather, and easing the pain of death. The video for "Place Your Hands", directed by David Mould, features the band members on pulleys and wires to create an energetic aerial display.

During their touring in late 1996, Reef were supported by Feeder, who were at the time laying the foundations for their own career.

In early 1999 Reef released their third album Rides, recorded at Ocean Way Studios in Los Angeles, the same studios used by The Beach Boys for Pet Sounds and Michael Jackson for Thriller. They swapped instruments on some tracks, with Stringer and Greensmith playing guitar and Bessant singing on one song. Working again with Glow producer George Drakoulias, the band also enlisted the skills of David Campbell (father of American artist Beck) for the string arrangements. Rose Stone of Sly and the Family Stone fame features as a backing singer. Jack told NME magazine that the album was showing a more mature side to Reef but they were still having fun, using slide guitars, and trying to achieve a "filmic" feel to some tracks.[1] The album was very well received by critics, but commercially could not match the earlier success of its predecessor Glow.

The fourth album and most commercial work yet, Getaway (Sony) was released in 2000, and was produced by Al Clay, who has also produced for the Pixies and Stereophonics. "Set The Record Straight" was the highlight of the album, and this track was also used as the theme tune for the BBC Television drama series Red Cap, starring Tamzin Outhwaite.

The "Superhero" single released in the same year, features a video of an impromptu gig held at Bessant's Hoxton Square flat, in London, in the summer of that year. Bessant was vacating the property

Advance Ticket Price: £25.00 Door Price: £27.00
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