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An evening of International prog featuring:

Golden Caves (Holland) + supports Sky Architect (Holland) + Eden Song (USA)

Monday 08 October 2018

Advance Ticket Price: £10.00 Door Price: £12.00
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Golden Caves (Holland) + supports Sky Architect (Holland) + Eden Song (USA)The band Golden Caves creates a dynamic mix of progressive rock with an alternative catchy pop-edge. The band draws its inspiration from bands such as A Perfect Circle, Porcupine Tree, Steven Wilson, Radiohead and London Grammar. The debut of Golden Caves was marked by the release of their first album Collision in March 2017. This resulted in many local club-tours as headliner, a spot at Progdreams festival 2018 and Bevrijdingfestival Rotterdam 2018. They also got nominated for ‘Best Album of the Year 2017’ by the Rotterdam Music Awards. On top of that the band has also been nominated in the Limelight category for this year's Progressive Music Awards. They will tour again this October performing at Progpower festival, Summers End Progressive Rock Festival (UK) and share the stage with the Dutch band Focus at Willem Twee Poppodium (NL). The band has a very playful way of writing music. Dynamical contrasts and lyrical themed contradictions mark their musical landscape. Multi-voiced pop parts intertwine with powerful rock lines that create a unique blend between Prog and Pop.

Golden Caves - Bring me to the water

Golden Caves - Progdreams festival 2018

Sky Architect
Sky Architect is a young Rotterdam-based band. You might be inclined to say they play progressive rock music, but they’d prefer you to just listen to their music free of such limitations. As certified architects, they have the technical proficiency to pull off everything they want to perfection, to draw out a flawless design and lay down a firm foundation. Then, instead of filling it in, they keep to the skeletal set-up and let the weather – be it rain, wind or sunshine – rush through it. However hefty the subject tackled, however heavy the sound, the ‘sky’ always maintains a feel of playfulness, an airy breeze keeping things fresh and unexpected. The band is on a mission to prove that progressive rock is not only beautiful, but can also be exciting.
Sky Architect evolved from a three-piece called Seraphine, consisting of Wabe, Christiaan and Rik, formed in 2008 at the Rotterdam Conservatory. A year later, Guus and Tom joined and the rest, as they say, is history. Since then, two albums (Excavations of the Mind, A Dying Man’s Hymn) were released to critical acclaim, and a third is on the way. Inspiration for their music runs far and wide. From the usual suspects of our time (Flower Kings, Pain of Salvation, Opeth) and the ones from the genre’s heyday ( Pink Floyd, Genesis, King Crimson) towards wildly different acts from the realms of classical music, modern jazz, alternative rock – the energy and commitment of a band like Rage Against the Machine would be a prime example – and many more. This versatility is confirmed by tracing the other projects of the band members, which run the gambit from jazz to folk and from pop to metal. Christiaan is also well-known and highly acclaimed in the scene under his solo moniker Chris. In their short history, they have already played on such esteemed festivals as Night of the Prog, ProgPower and Terra Incognita, sharing the stage with luminaries such as Dream Theater, Riverside and The Tangent.
For the new record, tentatively titled A Billion Years of Solitude, the band was inspired by, and wanted to evoke the feel of, sci-fi movies from the 50s and 60s. Listening to it, you will be transported to a universe and era in which black holes and supernovas are an essential part of everyday life, intergalactic wars are waged and multidimensional beings are waiting past every corner to lunge at you. Through this material, Sky Architect have created an opportunity to craft and twist their sound to fit the subject, and in doing so, grow further as a band. You could call the result space rock, though once again they’d prefer for you to have an open mind and tojust go and listen to it.

Eden Song
Edensong is a progressive rock quintet from New York City that Jethro Tull's Ian Anderson has described as "a great example of the contemporary face of progressive rock.
"Edensong's history as a band is just as long, epic, and unpredictable as its music. The 2018 lineup includes long-time members like viking-bearded singer/guitarist James Schoen, second singer and bass playing hobbit/spider-demon TD Towers, and hypnotizing "dancing muppet" flute player Barry Seroff. They are joined by the virtuosic koto player and composer Kento Iwasaki, and drummer Nicholas DiGregorio, whose improvisational skill, jazz background, and hallowed status as a longtime friend of the band (largely responsible for turning the founding members onto prog in the first place!) makes him the perfect addition to the lineup.
The band's self-released 2008 debut "the Fruit Fallen" was hailed as a "masterpiece" by critics, and helped to pave the way for live shows and notable festival appearances throughout North America, including Progday in North Carolina, Three Ri

Advance Ticket Price: £10.00 Door Price: £12.00
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